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A famous singer Michael Buble welcomes his baby boy whose name is Noah Buble.The first look of Michael Buble his wife Lusiana Lopilato and their new born baby child Noah Buble uploaded on the instagram.


The father that is Michael Buble is very happy and filled with joy and gratitude.This was a great day for both father and mother. They both were very happy.


Lusiana Lopilato gave birth to his child in the Vancouver hospital .The new baby Noah Buble was born in Canada in the early morning of Tuesday at 2.26am.

Noah Buble with his parents


Michael Buble who is just 37 years old and a renknown singer married to Lusiana Lopilato who is just 26 years old  and she is an Argentine Actress  in the year 2011.


Michael Buble is not only a singer but he is also a good song writer, vocalist and actor.He is very famous person . He works with the top stars of the industry and in top albums including Jazz albums.



Michael Buble Career Stats :


Albums :

It’s Time

Call me Irresponsible

Crazy Love


Latest albumTo Be Loved 


He has won several awards in his young age including jouno awards , grammy awards and several other awards also.



Awards and Acheievements :

American Music Award

Best New Artist

Pop Album of  the Year

Album of the Year

Artist of the Year


Michael Buble

Grammy Awards :


Call me Iresponsible

Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden

Crazy Love


So it was a wonderful career for this young Michael Buble and there are many more awards are coming in the future also.


The new birth of the baby give him more inspiration and now he worked harder and this will definately give a new direction to his career .


The Noah Buble gives awesome feelings to their parents and  the family and they all  were really  very happy.


In this year there are several stars who gave bith to their child earlier Kate Middlenton gave birth to their child. Recently Kim Kardashian gave bith to th nerw born baby and now the Lusiana Lopilato gave bith to baby boy.


This will be a memorable and unforgettable moment for both Michael Buble and his wife. So Enjoy or relish this moment.




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