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R..Rajkumar |Movie Review | Latest Hindi Movie Review | Shahid R..Rajkumar Movie  :


The Latest released of Shahid Kapoor starred movie R..Rajkumar review is available here. But before the movie review just about some news about the movie R.Rajkumar . The R..Rajkumar means Rambo Rajkumar and this movie was released yesterday in all over the India.


This was the second released movie of Shahid Kapoor in this year .Although he was in a special appearance in Bombay Talkie movie.  The previous released movie of Shahid Kapoor and Ileana D Cruz  starred  Phata Poster Nikla Hero but the movie does only avaerage business in the Box Office  and got average response by the audiences.But now lets talk about his latest released movie review of R..Rajkumar.


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R..Rajkumar |Movie Review :


Lets first talk about the stars that was performed in the movie. R..Rajkumar was Directed by Prabhu Deva . Shahid Kapoor was the lead actor in the movie and he was playing a character role of Rajkumar and Sonkashi Sinha was the lead actress in the movie and she was playing a character of Chanda in the movie.




Intially Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor )was working with Soun Sood who was playing a character role of Shivraj in the movie and also a drug dealer and his rivarl in the movie was Ashish Vidyarthi who was playing a character role of Manik Parmar  and  also he was the uncle of Chanda (Sonakashi Sinha )in the movie and Shivraj send Rajkumar to Kill Manik Parmar. But the story andf the life changes when Rajkumar met with  Chandra (Sonakashi Sinha) in the movie.They loved each other and for their love and there were  cirumstances in the movie that  Rajkumar destroy the drug barol of Shivraj . There was one Mafia Don in the movie Srihari who was playing a character role of Ajit Taaka in the movie and he operated his drug deals from Malaysia .The movie goes on .


The songs and the music was good in the movie . It was a average action thriller movie .This movie does not fullfill the buzz that was around before the movie was released.


My Ratings : ***




Why Watch :


  • Good Action Scenes .


  •  Chemsitry between Shahid and Sonakashi Sinha loooked good.


  • Strong Performance by Sonu Sood.


  • Wonderful Music.


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