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Playstation 4 Available In India |Playstation 4 Release Date , Specifications and Price |Playstation 4 Wiki |Sony Playstation 4 Video Game :

Welcome to all viewers , friends and peoples . The lovers of video game or I can say who loves the latest technology is a very good news for all of them because Sony new video game that is Playstation 4 is sooner available in India.Yes it is now in India.The Playstation 4 is abbrivated as PS4.

Playstation 4 Release Date :

The Playstation 4 is introduced by the Sony Computer Entertainment  and in the U.K . and foriegn countries it was released earlier that is from 15 November 2013 now it is coming in India . The Playstation 4 will be releasing in India in this New Year that is in January First Week 2014 . The offical or I can say the actual date is 6 January 2014 .



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Playstation 4 Specifications :

Playstation 4 is much awaited video game in India and in the last week Sony announced his release date in India and now everybody wants to know the features and specifications of this new video game .So without further do lets I share you the knowledge about the Playstation 4.



Playstation 4 Features :


  1. The PS4  is also known as Alias.
  2. The Controller Connection is both Wired as well as Wirless .
  3. The Audio /Video Playback is DVD , Blu Ray.
  4. Game Media Type – Disc
  5. External Memory – USB Mass Storage.



Playstation 4 Specifications :


  • CPU Brand is AMD .
  • CPU Model is Jaguar.
  • RAM that is available 8 GB.
  • Weight is 6.17 Pounds.
  • The CPU Cores that is used in this game is 8.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Conectivity is Available.
  • Internal Storage is 500 GB .
  • Online Multiplayer and Online Store is Available.
  • Colour in which it is available – Black.



Playstation 4 Wiki :

The Playstation 4 is a successor of PS 3 and it competes with the Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U . It is a eight generation video game console.

PS 4

Manufacture of PS4 -Foxconn   Developer of PS4 – Sony Computer Entertainment   Product – Playstation   Type PS4 – Video Game

  • Release Dates – 15 November 2013 in North America


  • 29 November 2013 in Europe


  • 13 December 2013 United Arab Emirates (UAE)


  • 6 January 2014 in India

Camera – Playstation Camera   Online Services – Playstation Network   Units Sold – 2.1 million (As 3 December 2013 )



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Playstation 4 Price In India :

Now everyone is waiting to know what the price of this new video game . I tell you that the price that is set for India country is around to Rs 30,000 but the price is increasing with camera facilities if you want to avail.


So just wait for few days and after that all yours  and Stay Connected for other information in every field.


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