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Britney Speares Top Six Things You Must Know | Britney Speares Wiki |Britney Speares Album List :Britney Speares New Album Britney Jean :


  • Who is Britney Speares ?Britney Speares is a pop star and a very good entertainer . She is also an American Recording Artist . She is one of the most famous faces of the World Industry.


  • Britney Speares is very shy person . She is totally different what we see in videos and on the albums in real life.


  • Britney Speares has a flat plate or I can a disk on her wall writeen like that Love is why we are here as people and there are something more that wites on her wall and she love this.


  • Britney Speares sister Jamie Lynn can kick her .She nails Brithey Speares to ground everytime.


  • Britney Speares and his Father are similar in many ways like when they are nerous than they both rub their hands togethar and makes jokes also.


  • Britney Speares loves Watermelon flavour in bubblegum .



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Britney Speares Wiki :


britney spears


Britney Speares known for his songs and music all over the World. She is also a song writer , singer , dancer and she loves fashion designing .


Full Name – Britney Jean Speares

Date of Birth – 2 December 1981 , in U.S.

Genres – Pop, Electropop and Dance pop.

Instruments – Piano and Vocals

Years Active – 1992 – Present


Britney Speares home is in Louisiana. Before of her signing she performed in her childhood days on the Televisons and Stage Productions shows.She sang her first song with Jive Records in the year 1997 and after that she never looked back.


Britney Speares sung many albums but her first album was released in the year 1999 after that she sang many successfull albums and got a great rsponse by the audiences.Now  here is a list of all Britney Speares album .


  • Baby One More Time (1999)
  • Oops ! I Did It Again (2000)
  • Britney (2001)
  • In the Zone (2003 ))
  • Greatest Hits : My Prerogative (2004)
  • Be in the Mix : The Remixes (2005)
  • Blackout (2007)
  • The Singles Collection (2009)
  • Femme Fatale (2011)


So this is her album list .


Britney Speares recently released  latest album was Britney Jean .In this album she had some beautifull songs and all this was available on i tunes.The latest song of this album Perfume .You can watch it here the audio of this perfume song now.


There are ten songs on this new album of Britney Speares . Here is a Full song list or I can say a Tracklist of this new album .


Perfume Britney Speares

  1. Alien
  2. Work B**C
  3. Perfume
  4. Tik Tik Boom
  5. Body Ache
  6. Till It’s Gone
  7. It Should be Easy Feat
  8. Don’t Cry
  9. Passenger
  10. Chillin With You Feet


Deluxe Edition Tracks :


  • Hold On Tight
  • Brightest Morning Star
  • Perfume (The Dreaming Mix )
  • Now that I Found You


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The other song of this album is Tik Tik Boom and you can also listen this song here write now.


So this is a  information about  Britney Speares . I hope now you all know about her and Stay Connected for other information about other categories like Sports, Bollywood News ,Technology and Current News.


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